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Healthcare. Education. Respect. For every child.

Special Thanks

Inglin Photography

Candid and natural all the way.

Mimi prefers to work on location in an environment that allows clients to be themselves. She shoots using only available light to create beautiful, natural looking portraits. Most photo sessions are scheduled outdoors at a location of the client's choice.

Mimi Inglin has spent more than a decade telling stories as a journalist. Now, she uses those skills to tell stories through her photos. Using a candid approach, she captures images that are spontaneous and fun. Her love for photography is evident in how she connects with her subjects.

"When a parent smiles, laughs and cries when they see their children's photos, I know I've accomplished my mission. Every time I pick up the camera, I strive to take photos that I would be proud to have on display in my own home." ~Mimi

Please visit InglinPhotography.com to learn more.

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