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Healthcare. Education. Respect. For every child.

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When a Chicago hospital refused to treat young Odessa Brown during the Great Depression, an activist was born. Years later, Ms. Brown became a community organizer as she raised four children in Seattle’s Central Area. Through a federally funded effort to solve inner-city problems by building “model neighborhoods,” she fought to bring quality healthcare with dignity to children in her neighborhood. Ms. Brown died of leukemia in 1969 at age 49. When the new children’s clinic she had championed opened the next year, a thankful community named it in her honor.

Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, a community clinic of Seattle Children’s, has offered quality care to generations of families since 1970. With a strong legacy of community support and involvement, the Clinic serves as a trusted healthcare home where children have access to expert medical, dental, and mental healthcare and are treated with respect, regardless of their ability to pay. Special programs care for children with chronic health conditions such as sickle cell anemia, childhood obesity, and asthma.

With the vast majority of patients coming from low-income,

Dr. Ben Danielson, OBCC medical director and Foundation board member, treats patients at the clinic.
ethnically diverse families, the Clinic works with community partners to reduce health disparities and provide culturally relevant care through programs including Birth-to-Five, Fit 4 You, and the Garfield/NOVA Teen Health Center.

Clinic revenues typically cover less than half the cost of the services they provide, creating a growing gap that is met only through generous philanthropic support.

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